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Eds Roadhouse pumpkin jerky 003 cropped

Ed’s RoadHousE Jerky – Spicy Pumpkin

Ed’s Roadhouse Jerky – Spicy Pumpkin Beef Jerky.This is a Limited Edition flavor. I ordered a couple different flavors of their beef jerky that I will review later on. I thought we would start with their spicy pumpkin that I just received since it’s getting close to Halloween.  Ed’s Roadhouse is Eds Roadhouse pumpkin jerky 003 croppedmade locally and I like to support local businesses.

This product is manufactured by Ed and Mary Herman of Wellington, FL They make many different varieties of beef jerky along with seasonings, bbq sauces and hot sauces.

Opening the bag of this spicy pumpkin jerky you get a nice bold smell of pumpkin pie along with a little spicy aroma. This is going to be a first for me. A pumpkin flavored beef jerky, hmm… I’m thinking how this combination of pumpkin flavor and beef are going to taste as a beef jerky, my taste buds will see.

Their package states All Natural- No Preservatives or Additives.


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